An Undead, Zombie Valentine’s Day’s Wishes

I know, I know; your neighbor got bit by a “dog” and now he’s chasing your children around the house. Zombies are hardly a new thing, but we’re so used to seeing them on TV that we stop thinking about the make-up that goes into creating a good zombie! It’s a good thing Kat Anguera is a master of both the camera and the blood-colored make-up kit.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out this good gentleman offering this lady a luscious bouquet!

Unfortunately for him, he might be a touch too late.

Anguera creates most of her effects physically, without the aid of photo-shop. To create the eye and face wounds, she carefully caked layers of latex together until they formed gruesome, yet perfect additions to her “victims.” Her main use of digital image alteration stemmed from removing the color from her model’s eyes.



Tell us what you think! Certainly the artistry involved in this shoot is top-notch, but has the Zombie train run off the tracks? Have you run out of patience with the walking dead? Sound off!

Kat Anguera is a freelance photographer working in Valley Stream, New York. She can be reached via her Facebook page, where you can check out these and other pictures!  Or, visit her website at!

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