Today’s conspiracy theory – Larry David and Hillary’s Assault on Donald Trump!

So, uh…Bear with me, here, because this is a bit nuts, but it’s worth considering.

This website ( was promoting this ridiculous idea of paying any random person $5,000 to interrupt Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Seems like a dumb stunt that can get you in some moderate amount of trouble with SNL Security and trespassing laws, right? Really dumb, but the kind of dumb that enough people heard it that it must have gotten to SNL itself, yeah? ‘Cuz Larry David interrupted him to claim the $5,000!  But who came up with this silly scheme?

I saw, earlier, that the owner of DeportRacism2016 is a gentleman named Luke Montgomery, owner of another group called BillForFirstLady. This is, essentially, a conspiracy theory in and of itself – Montgomery raises funds to promote Hillary and other liberal causes; and, now, he’s attempted to spend some cash to attack Donald Trump during a comedy show on national TV. Weird as hell theory, right? This guy is essentially funding his own pro-Hillary moves through T-Shirt and other merchandise sales!  Boy, it’s a good thing SNL covers the internet, caught the covert campaign, and countered succinctly by deploying David.

Yet, it serves as just one sub-conspiracy of a much larger article I came across on earlier (since deleted from /r/technology), an article published on by a one-day old Anonymous account, and including alleged screenshots of some FEC filings establishing other connections I don’t have the technical knowledge of PACs/SuperPACs/FEC filings to confirm.  I’m not kidding – it’s a one-day-old account on a website I don’t usually hear of any spectacular campaign-finance chicanery undergoing exposure on, let alone, you know, anything else?  That’s pretty spur-of-the-moment, and we read it as a joke.  The best understanding I can gather of the grand scheme looks (and sounds) like this:

Hillary attacks The Donald wearing a Bernie Sanders Mask.

Mr.   Montgomery allegedly placed a placard of text on DeportRacism2016 that suggests Bernie Sanders’ campaign, or at least allies, were supporting it.  Whether this was simply an advertisement space that got locked up by Bernie’s side, or whether it – as the Anonymous accuser alleges – is a site stealthily owned by Luke Montgomery himself, this sounds absolutely bizarre.  Bernie is direct, while an advertisement network might plausibly decide to spend his ad buys there, the idea of him funding this back-handed attack is ludicrous.  Sanders has had no trouble directly attacking Trump before.  Why this elaborate scheme, right?

Well, guess what?  I just checked the FEC filing for Feel The Bern.  Its treasurer is a fellow named Luke Montgomery, a fellow who happens to live in the same Ohio zip code as the Luke Montgomery who owns DeportRacism2016.  Now my ears are pricked.  That a huge, huge Hillary supporter would suddenly be backing Bernie Sanders is interesting, but not impossible – frustration with politics-as-usual is a Bernie Sanders symptom!  It’s bad enough that this guy owns so many various political groups that he embodies the dark-money hydra his newly claimed leader rejects, he is so zealous to fight Trump’s racism while Sanders on the side that he forgets that he’s this amalgamation of political fundraising machines to attack Donald Trump in the name of justice?

Bernie is openly against all types of this bullshit, avoids such direct personal call-outs to save attention for larger issues, and when he attacks he does so directly.  It sounds highly unlikely that Luke Montgomery is Bernie Sanders’ henchman, but that’s vaguely what he’s portraying himself as when he’s talking through the lens of Feel The Bern.  In fact, this set of screen-grabs contains a lot of other strange information, but if you find that top-right picture on, it does indeed link you to  Okay, now you have proof Montgomery is bashing trump while promoting Bernie.


So next up comes the big step down the rabbit hole:  If it’s not Bernie’s doing, is it just this guy in Bernie’s camp looking to benefit from this deed?  Does he somehow think he’ll make Bernie look good in this exchange?  And what, again, does Larry David have to do with this?  The Medium article that started all this, that at first seemed so hard to believe yet is so far proving to make some credible links between Montgomery’s various shell-groups, is far worse than simply hypocritical.  As with all things Bernie opposes, it’s also bought-and-paid for by the people giving it campaign donations.

It gets worse, and my night of sarcastically looking at a conspiracy theory to pick apart in order to promote a book partially about a global conspiracy is now over, isn’t it?

So, Mr.  Montgomery was campaigning quite hard to get Hillary to run in 2016, putting together (if not releasing) some interesting ads asking people to sign a petition that Hillary would get!  Does it sounds like he really made a huge turn to the left all of a sudden?

There are accusations of e-mail sharing between his various website, a bit of a no-no.  If I’m signed up to FeelTheBern I don’t want e-mails from Deport Racism!  Not unless I deliberately sign up there, too!  But that’s petty poop.

This link contains an alleged letter from the FEC to Mr.  Montgomery informing him that he had of failed to file some receipts and other disbursements in August of 2015.  Still kind of petty poop, although this again embodies everything we should hate about the American political system.  Typically, I’d assume this ends in a fine and a, “don’t do this shit again” warning.

Except our original Anonymous accuser gets pretty specific.

Is Clinton Smearing Sanders?

Is Hillary Funding Smear Attacks?

This file from the FEC alleges that Hillary for America (Hillary’s PAC, also known as paid Correct The Record ( a princely sum of over $200,000 for “research.”  Research?  Well, if Correct the Record is, as their “About” page says, a rapid-response team for attacks on Hillary, 200G’s sounds like a reasonable-ish amount.  Our Anonymous conspiracy-unveiled disagrees, saying at most there should be $90,000 for 3 months of work, but maybe the team at Correct The Record was huge.  Assuming this document is legitimate, it means CTR made some bank on some big project.  That’s all.  It’s shady that one PAC is paying another for “research,” but what can ya do, right?

The Anonymous accuser makes even further strange allegations, that Luke Montgomery works with or even owns Correct The Record.  But I am not alone in failing to find actual evidence of this claim.  The best guess one can get is that the Feel The Bern website and Correct The Record are both very similar in design.   But that’s hardly an excuse!  In fact, it’s deliberately exposing oneself to the danger of being caught out running two competing sites!

Ah.  It seems like this is, for now at least, our trail grown cold.  Perhaps I’ll go back to promoting my novel, after all, but let’s break down what we’ve got so far!


Luke Montgomery is like Montgomery Burns.  He’s got his hands in a lot of pots and some of them are very strange.  We’ve got Donald Trump getting “heckled” by Larry David to keep him from being heckled for real, but…

…Wait.  Larry David?  Heckling Donald Trump?  At the behest of Luke Montgomery, the Hillary Clinton fanboy who owns a Bernie Sanders site?!  Isn’t Larry David looking kind of familiar in those shots from the other night?  Yes!  He’s the guy who played Bernie Sanders in SNL’s mockery of the Democratic debate!

Holy cow!  SNL is in on the conspiracy!  Get your tinfoil and run for the hills!  Only you can decide if there is more to this than meets the eye, or if this is just a few steps on the other side of the crazy train’s tracks!

When not over-analyzing conspiracy theories with only shreds of evidence, Jesse Pohlman enjoys writing sci-fi novels.  Check out The Physics Incarnate Series on Amazon’s Kindle or on Facebook today for more intricate conspiracies that control our world!

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