After The Super Bowl, the Truther Bowl – And it’s dumb!

After watching my football idol Peyton Manning smashed, I decided to get the same.  No, but I did decide to take a shower and get ready for bed.  As I was checking my various social media outlets, a friend of mine had posted a link to this Vine, by Timothy T Hoang.  I was not prepared.

A "Truther" crashes a press conferrence, via Timothy T Hoang's Vine

A “Truther” crashes a press conferrence, via Timothy T Hoang’s Vine


Here we see what I can only describe as a crazy person grabbing the microphone from, I believe, the game’s MVP winner Malcolm Smith.  Wilson just overcame a lot of doubters to win his first super bowl.  He he is, probably exhausted from his performance and the stress of the situation, and this crazy guy in a bad lumberjack coat grabs the microphone on him out of the blue.  Maniac-man here immediately demands that Americans investigate 9/11 because, he says, people within the government are responsible for it.

I like to link to Penn and Teller:  Bullshit episodes when I see such insane rants.  Here’s their episode on conspiracy theories in general, and they talk about 9/11 in specific.  It also features Phil Plait, an awesome scientist who writes Bad Astronomy.

Now, it’s not as if there have never been real conspiracies before, at least conspiracies within the early stages.  Take the Business Plot, where people maybe tried to contact a popular ex-military leader about leading a revolution.  Even this was a mild version of a conspiracy, one that just never got far.


Now, I’m going to eventually talk about the lunacy of trying to overthrow America.  I’m gonna talk about conspiracy theories, and – in particular – the fact that some people are loud and vocal about overthrowing America.  But, let us never forget that there are idiots out there who honestly believe that the U.S. government planned 9/11.  They’re insane at worst, deluded at best.  It’s good to be skeptical, and to demand evidence!  It’s bad to not allow one person’s evidence to persuade you, while the other side typically fails to present any of substance.  It’s even worse to crash an NFL event and start rambling about Truther bullshit.  I end this discussion by linking you to what happened when Truthers tried to crash “Real Time With Bill Maher.”  Hint:  It didn’t work, and it undermined their cause in the first place.


Ed.  Note:  I’d originally misidentified Smith as Russell Wilson, based on other pictures of Wilson.  After waking up this morning, I’d found that the Broncos had indeed played in the Super Bowl and lost.  It wasn’t a bad dream of Peyton’s, it was just a loss.  Next year, huh?

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