Price reduction on Physics Reincarnate by Jesse Pohlman!

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to make a quick announcement:  Physics Reincarnate, the sequel to Physics Incarnate, has enjoyed a steep price reduction for the kindle version!  Instead of two dollars and ninety-nine cents, it’s now available for $0.99!  The reason for this is pretty simple:  Much of the feedback I’ve received on the original book is that Emmett Eisenberg is indeed an interesting character, but that people wish he’d used his powers more often.  Physics Reincarnate by Jesse Pohlman serves that exact function.  We get to see Emmett, James Lowery, Jethro Marx, and many others put their powers to the ultimate test, against enemies truly capable of great evil – all in the name of the greatest good!

Purchase Physics Reincarnate now, on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.  List price:  Now only ninety-nine cents!  For good!

Or, go all out and buy Physics Reincarnate in paperback!  List price:  Nine dollars, ninety-nine cents!

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