A Much-Belated Status Update!

Greetings, friends and fans!

Hopefully you’re all looking forward to a restful and/or exciting Summer, depending on your flavor and your job’s amount of time off! It’s been a while since I’ve put out a website update, so I figured now is the best time to do so.

Projects and Patreon

First of all, I’ve cleaned up some of the site’s subordinate pages wherever possible, and added them where they were needed. The site still isn’t a work of art (I’m a writer, not a web designer), but it’s more serviceable for your reading pleasure.

Next up, let’s look at some of the projects I’ve got coming up. The first half of 2017 has been pretty quiet because I’ve been nearing completion of a lot of novels, and I’m super excited to release them to the public. I think the best way to organize them on a WordPress is a simple list, in order of distance-to-completion.

However, before we get to some tremendously long list, a word: I’m generally following this list when it comes to dedicating my writing time, however I could always use some more editing time. To that end, I’m starting a Patreon campaign in order to try to raise enough money that I can spend one hour less a week working a day-job, and instead spend one hour a week editing my work. This is based on reader feedback on what priorities I need to focus on as an author.  Editing is a huge part of what we writers do.


List of Current Projects:

– The Nexus Tavern: An homage to a storyline my friends and I once shared on an old roleplaying forum, The Nexus Tavern is a novella (about 40,000 words) starring, among many others, Larry Le’Sur as the ‘Bartender’ of the Nexus Tavern. His tavern is usually the first landing-point for visitors to this strange, captivating realm, and as an ex-cop he takes his duty to protect travelers seriously. Accompanying him are a vampire with nearly endless knowledge, a girl with what at first glance appears to be a pet dragon, and many more. When an eternal evil known as the Legion of Broken Souls stirs, will Larry be able to lead this rag-tag resistance to victory? Distance To Completion: Finished, already beta-read, just waiting on some amazing cover art.

– Pillars of the Kingdom, Volume 3: A Goddess Revealed: I began the Pillars of the Kingdom series with the release of The Forming in 2005, and followed it up with The Search For The Four. I re-released Volume 1 as a 10th anniversary edition, with heavy revisions, and I’m thrilled to finally have a chance to finish what I started. Jacin, Clarice, Branden and the rest of the titular heroes of the Kingdom of Emor struggle to save their people from a foreign invasion spearheaded by an ancient cult of death-worshippers. Distance To Completion: Currently finishing up an epilogue. Will need Beta readers soon!

– Physics Trincarnate: The third volume of the Physics Incarnate series sees Saffron Latchkey take a turn at conspiring with the Consortium of Trust, a secretive group that might be called super-heroes if they had their way, but might also be regarded as a shadowy clique that shapes world events without most people ever knowing it. Saffron is manipulated by forces greater than herself – and her own code of ethics – into mastering her own supernatural powers and saving the world. Distance To Completion: Writing the final battle!

– Song of The Sisters: An Epic Poem featuring the lives of Zephyr and Crash, known as ‘The Sisters’ but who are really just kindred spirits with the power to reshape the world. In this project, I’m drawing on equal parts sci-fi, fantasy, and Milton. Distance To Completion: Halfway done, maybe a little more-than, but it’s relatively short.

– Protostar, Volume 3: I know I tried to compete in NaNoWriMo 2016 and crashed hard, but I started work on a third Protostar novel with themes of insurrection, rebellion, and the imposition of order on disgruntled subordinates and idealogues. Distance To Completion: Quite a ways, actually; I’m only about two chapters in.

I look forward to this journey and I hope you’ll join me on it, moving forward!

My warmest regards,
–Jesse Pohlman

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