Jesse Pohlman Writing Update, March 12, 2014!

Hello, friends!

I wanted to send out a general update on how my writing has been faring in the past few weeks.  This isn’t a comprehensive, all-exhausting diatribe, but rather a short little update just to clue everyone in.

First things first, health-wise I am doing better.  I’ve received a pair of botox shots (no joke), one into each of my trapezius muscles, near my neck.  This has reduced the pain of my muscle spasms by a not-insignificant degree, though I imagine I’m going to need further treatment at some point down the line.

Updates on Protostar!

Protostar by Jesse Pohlman

Protostar by Jesse Pohlman


Perhaps my best-selling novel is Protostar:  Memoirs Of The Messenger.  It’s a Kindle-exclusive, at least for the time being, and I am working on a sequel!  The word count has just crossed the 15,000 mark; not many, but not too few, indeed.  For those of you who remember Captain Lahira Ocean, let’s just say that right now she’s very intoxicated as she tries to remember what happened in a recent battle, seeing as she has a case of retrograde amnesia.  As for the first book, I’d like to announce that, thanks to the help of the lovely and talented Katherine Anguera, I’m going to be updating the cover art for it!  Allow me to give you a sneak peek!


Pillars of the Kingdom – The Editing Kingdom

I independently released my very first novel, Pillars Of The Kingdom:  The Forming, through Lulu Press in 2005.  I’ve written two full-length novels and a short story collection set in the world of Emor, and I have probably 90% of the finale written and ready to release.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the original novel is ten years old, and contains dozens of errors that require rectification.  Lulu doesn’t permit me to simply upload a new .PDF file and make the appropriate changes, I’d need to completely and totally overhaul it, and that would cost me money I frankly don’t have.

Additionally on the negative spectrum, we have the weakness of Lulu as a sales platform – Amazon is far superior, far less expensive for the end-user (that’s you, the reader!), and ultimately has better distribution options.  Whereas a digital copy of the currently-standing first novel costs over four dollars, I can knock that price down to ninety-nine cents on Kindle.  I can release a “Second Edition” of Volume One, then an updated version of Volume Two, and finish it off by completing the trilogy and releasing that digitally, as well.  I could even compress all three novels into one physical book.  It would be a large, expensive tome (Volume One is over 100,000 words), but it would be a much better value to you, my dear readers.


In other Jesse Pohlman news…

The Weekly Freeporter remains an active enterprise, but I haven’t been focusing much on it.  Mainly there’s just nothing relevant to say.  People seem to like when I write about gaming, so maybe I’ll write another article about that?  Physics Trincarnate is a work in progress, with 3,655 words.  I had the pleasure of completely re-writing a few paragraphs of that novel, just for the sake of effectiveness, but I work on it in my free time.  Finally, there’s a pet project I’ve vacillated on here and there, a political-activism sort of book that requires heavy research and lots of footnotes.  Unfortunately, time is a relevant factor in getting things done.

Alas, that’s all there is to say about that.


Jesse Pohlman is a writer from Long Island, New York.  You’re presently at his website, and reading an update about his writing.  Since you’re interested in that, why don’t you check out some of the novels he’s written?  Thank you!

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