A Cosmic Tale of Convenient Timing: B612 Foundation, Manley, and more!

As you may recall from some previous articles I’ve written about gaming, I’m a big fan of video games.  As you might know from reading my novel Protostar:  Memoirs Of The Messenger, I’m also invested heavily in dreaming about the stars.  To complete this repetitive trend, as you might remember from an article I wrote about Kerbal Space Program (and it’s reigning demi-god, Scott Manley), I happen to appreciate our reality when it comes to space exploration, especially when it’s explained through the context of little green men flying very human-designed rocket-ships. Click here to read more!

Freedom of Religion versus Equal Protection: Gay Rights in Arizona

I’ve been kicking around a peculiar train of thought for a while.  It’s spurned on by insane legal edicts like the one submitted, today, to Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer.  Gay Rights activists are livid because this bill would, according to CNN, permit the owners of private enterprises to discriminate against homosexuals if it fit their religious preference.  In particular, it allows businessmen to refuse to serve homosexuals.  I’m a firm believer in the Bill Of Rights and all that, and a tremendous supporter of religious liberty.  I don’t believe in the government establishing its favorites, influencing the practices of a particular denomination, and I certainly don’t believe in it restricting the practices of any faith.  The government has no right telling individuals what or how they should exercise their religion. Click here to read more!

After The Super Bowl, the Truther Bowl – And it’s dumb!

After watching my football idol Peyton Manning smashed, I decided to get the same.  No, but I did decide to take a shower and get ready for bed.  As I was checking my various social media outlets, a friend of mine had posted a link to this Vine, by Timothy T Hoang.  I was not prepared.

A "Truther" crashes a press conferrence, via Timothy T Hoang's Vine

A “Truther” crashes a press conferrence, via Timothy T Hoang’s Vine

Here we see what I can only describe as a crazy person grabbing the microphone from, I believe, the game’s MVP winner Malcolm Smith.  Wilson just overcame a lot of doubters to win his first super bowl.  He he is, probably exhausted from his performance and the stress of the situation, and this crazy guy in a bad lumberjack coat grabs the microphone on him out of the blue.  Maniac-man here immediately demands that Americans investigate 9/11 because, he says, people within the government are responsible for it. Click here to read more!

Uintah School District, in Utah, takes food from kids.

So, this article from Gawker hit me via Facebook a while ago, a few minutes ago.  I don’t really get it.  Apparently a school in Utah gave kids their lunches, realized their parents were late on paying their nutrition bills, so took the food and threw it out.  First point of fact:  Didn’t the parents lay out the initial seed money via taxes, in the first place?  I’m willing to bet their taxes have gone up at some point, no?  So it’s not like someone hasn’t already paid for all this stuff, at least once or twice through.  But, instead of maybe sending a note home with the kids that their parents had better send them in with cash or they won’t eat tomorrow, they just took perfectly good food from the children and threw it out? Thus leaving them less capable of learning, and wasting perfectly good food at the same time? Click here to read more!