Pillars of the Kingdom Volume One: The Forming

First published in 2005, Jesse Pohlman’s The Pillars Of The Kingdom series was the first novel I ever completed.  Weighing in at over 100,000 words of tense action and daring adventure, this second edition is available for Amazon’s Kindle and has been tweaked and re-edited for better clarity and enjoyment.  If you want an anime-esque quest that’ll keep you glued to the edge of your seat, check it out!

The Kingdom of Emor has enjoyed thirty years of relative peace after a brutal civil war. Now, the clouds of violence hover over the horizon, and a cadre of adventurers with different goals and outlooks must take to defending their kingdom and it’s ideals. They just have to find out what they believe in, first!

Branden Frost is the Lord of Icebridge, a populist leader with hidden motives who is hailed as the fastest warrior in Emor; Clarice Saffron, called “Blind Justice” in honor of her fighting style, struggles with accepting her inner nature and romantic inclinations in the face of simmering religious tensions; Jacin Lancir is a novice soldier trying to find his calling, only to find that it is the most intense summons possible.

These three, and many others, are called upon to save their kingdom from ancient demons, technological monstrosities, and even one of their own. In a world where monsters yield the very fuel of technology and where magic meets the body and makes it better, the normal rules of sword and sorcery go right out the window!

You can pick up a copy of the second edition of this book on Amazon’s Kindle!