Physics Reincarnate

In the sequel to Physics Incarnate, Emmett Eisenberg, the master of atomic structures, and his old colleagues have reformed the Consortium of Trust – a secretive group of entrepreneurs and super-humans who strive to improve the lot of humanity. At its fifth yearly meeting, the group’s head of security James Lowery reveals that he has been asked by one of his old intelligence contacts to investigate a mysterious radio broadcast coming from near one of Emmett’s research facilities in Alaska. Jim recruits his allies to unravel this mystery, and in the process he runs up against the powerful Coleman Group. They have not only prepared for the Consortium’s supernatural abilities, but have some of their own! It becomes all too clear that a covert war is brewing. The appearance of a scholar and her mysterious daughter only complicates matters in ways that nobody – save for The Coleman Group – could have predicted. How will James maintain his composure while saving not just his friends, but the world as a whole?


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