Physics Incarnate

“Read Physics Incarnate.  You deserve to know its story as much as it deserves to be read,” instructs one reviewer; “Worth its weight in gold,” declares another.  Physics Incarnate is Jesse Pohlman’s best-reviewed novel to date, and for good reason.  It is a science-fiction novel with a contemporary setting, primarily that of upstate New York.  The novel features a protagonist who is far from perfect, despite his super-human abilities and outwardly perfect demeanor.


As a professor of physics at Catskill Community College, Emmett Eisenberg has a fairly pleasant life. His girlfriend, Dr. Maria Montclaire of the Psychology department, is quite the catch! His job pays well, and his reputation in his field is top-notch. He even has students who appreciate his approach to academics, though they lack his passion and talent. His unique view of the world – best reflected in his ability to see and manipulate atomic structures – has afforded him unlimited opportunities, so when a former colleague of his invites Emmett and Maria to reunite in New York City, he agrees.

Unfortunately for the physicist, meeting with his old friend Jethro Marx opens up a door to his past; to ten years ago, when he, ‘Geddy,’ and his fellow geniuses conspired together at a secretive research center called Connor Point. The public’s knowledge of the results are as false as they are vague: A nuclear accident forced Connor Point’s closure. It was safely dismantled, thanks in part to Emmett and Geddy, however the details are more devilish, and the true cause of the disaster was never disclosed to the media.

While Emmett’s former fellows may have saved the day a decade ago, the sins of his past have caught up to him. His colleagues are met with a vendetta of one of their own – another hero from Connor Point, the buxom blonde songbird Erica Hall. She bears a grudge against Emmett which even he is not aware of, and her revenge will shatter the physicist’s placid existence once and for all. The only question is: Will the rest of the world fare any better?


You can purchase Physics Incarnate from Amazon on the Kindle, or in Paperback format.  Redheads love it!




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