Books by Jesse Pohlman

Jesse Pohlman has written numerous books and short stories.  Below are links to pages dedicated to each one, complete with information on how to pick up your own copy!.


The Physics Incarnate Series.



Physics Incarnate is Jesse’s “Breakthrough” paperback novel, released in January, 2012.  It stars Emmett Eisenberg, a professor of physics with a dark secret.  Ten years ago, at a secretive research facility called Connor Point, he was one of many super-human experts called together to try to make the world a better place.  After a decade, the consequences of his actions there finally come back to bite him in the form of a jilted ex-girlfriend who can control other peoples’ emotions, an invincible Spaniard with a blood-debt to repay, and – worst of all – Emmett’s own guilty conscience.






Physics Reincarnate, released in August of 2013, is the sequel to Physics Incarnate.  Emmett and his former comrades have decided to give saving the world another try.  They have reformed the Consortium of Trust, using front companies to launder the profits of their super-heroic abilities.  Unfortunately for them, one of their first tasks involves unraveling a mysterious radio broadcast coming from an outpost in Alaska.  Finding themselves facing down a major military contractor, The Coleman Group, the Consortium learns the hard way that they are not the only ones with access to supernatural power.



Written as part of National Novel Writing Month in 2011, Protostar:  Memoirs Of The Messenger is a Kindle-exclusive, full-length novel.  Ensign Lahira Ocean holds the rank of chief navigator aboard the Human battleship, the “George Washington.”  Her vessel is dispatched to a “Condition:  Genesis” assignment, a protocol indicating first contact with an alien species.  So far, space has proven rather friendly to Humanity; contact with The Orphans is destined to shift that paradigm.





The Pillars of the Kingdom

This series is currently being re-edited for a digital re-release.  More on that, later!

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