“The Bartenders of the Nexus Tavern” now available on Kindle!

Hello friends!

Today I’m honored to announce the release of a novella that’s near-and-dear to my heart, The Bartenders of the Nexus Tavern.  It’s my first attempt at a collaboration between a group of old writing friends, with me taking point.  The story itself is a bit of a joy-ride, intended to be a fun escapist fantasy story where the heroes are constantly in action.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!  Pick it up by clicking this link.

Larry Le’Sur was a gritty old detective from Detroit who, after a vicious fight for his life, was whisked away into a magical dumping ground called The Nexus. The quick-shooting sleuth was saved by a mage and recruited as an Assistant Bartender of the Nexus Tavern, Larry adhered strictly to a commandment to provide protection for others pulled into the Nexus. When the head Bartender fell in combat, Larry took up the title up, himself, assuming responsibility for a cast of wanderers, vagrants, and vigilantes as they protect travelers and, in times of crisis, even the magical pocket of existence they’ve all found themselves in as a whole.

Among the legends adorning Larry’s crew are the ancient vampire, Jack, Larry’s source of advice and wise council when he isn’t nursing his own ambitions; the little girl Lucy and her pet dragon Inara, the only known survivors of the Dragon Wars; Drayven and Vincent, two young scalawags who arrive at the Tavern just prior to an invasion by the dreaded Legion of Broken Souls; Morrigan, a magic user of incredible strength who also happens to command a walking war robot; and, finally, Ian Windsong, a blacksmith who just happens to be a flighty wind elemental.

Joining forces, these unlikely heroes each have a role to play in repelling the Legion’s invasion and – perhaps – finally turning the war against them towards the offensive. Yet with personal disputes, drama, and the rigors of both old age and danger swarming them at every turn, how could they possibly hope to defeat the one of the Legion’s strongest leaders, a life-elemental gone rogue? Will they overcome an ageless enemy, or be trampled by her?

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