Artwork Partnership On Protostar With Artistic Chaos Studios!

Hello, friends, I’ve got exciting news!

As I gear up for my next novel release – my first in all too many years! – I’d like to announce that I’ve asked Artistic Chaos Studios, led by the amazingly talented Cecelia Ivy Price, to take the reins of the artwork for the sequel to my 2011 National Novel Writing Month project Protostar:  Memoirs Of The Messenger, aptly titled Protostar:  Automatic Apocalypse!

The next installment of the Protostar series, also written during National Novel Writing Month (2013, this time), is set two years after the first novel.  Captain Lahira Ocean, the star of our particular space opera, wakes up from a two-week coma to find she can barely remember how she got on board a medical station.  After being informed that she had been suddenly disconnected from her space ship’s computer during the Battle Of Gagarin, she is greeted by a high-level member of the Human government as well as an ambassador from the Automatons.  Her memories are crucial to solving an interspecies incident, but the more she remembers about the battle, the more damning evidence piles up.

Here’s a little taste of what one of these Automatons looks like!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy – I know I do!

An Automaton In Space!

An Automaton In Space!

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