On Accepting A Missed Deadline

Greetings, friends,

One of my goals, when I decided to make my Physics Incarnate novel into a trilogy, was to have the final book finished and published by Election Day, 2016. That’s November 8th for our foreign friends who aren’t already mystified by the delirium of this year’s contest for control of the U.S. Government. I set this goal for the simple reason that within the course of the second novel (which is already out and available for your enjoyment!), I revealed that one of the primary antagonists of the series, Erica Hall, was using her super-human powers of Empathy to control every crowd she came across and use it to propel herself to the Presidency. That’s right! In my novel’s alternate reality, the election isn’t rigged – the subconscious desires behind your vote is!

Alas, due to having the constraints of a day-job and some vicious cases of writer’s block, I am pretty much never going to get that done in time. It’s something that ate at me for months in the back of my mind, a little cricket chirping every time I spent a minute on another pursuit or a different story to remind me that, “Hey, Physics Trincarnate actually has a time-frame while nothing else does!” Well, nothing until NaNoWriMo 2016, anyway! On the other hand, when I recognized my obligations and stared down the barrel of a blank OpenOffice or Google Doc file, well, I groaned and closed my laptop. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write; or, I knew but couldn’t figure out the words; or, I knew but erased half of it; or, I got distracted by a music video; or, whatever. I simply failed.

That failure eats away at me in tiny, delectable incriments. In its own way, Physics Trincarnate aims to capture everything that is practically alarming about the election. Erica’s power to compel people to feel how she wants them to is akin to the cult of personality we see around men like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. For better or worse, they have a certain magnetism that has created a massive movement. On the other hand, Erica works very openly with her ‘frenemies’ in the Consortium, even going so far as to ‘recommend’ her arch-enemy Emmett Eisenberg’s scientific advisory company. Why? Well, Emmett is the original ‘Physics Incarnate’ that gave birth to the series’ name, and he manufactures mineral wealth for nations to extract using his superhuman powers. It’s a kinder, gentler and infinitely more generous form of economic exploitation. It’s the ultimate foreign donation. It comes with no strings attached and it lets the people (or at least their governments) do what they are told. It works perfectly with Erica’s simple requests to meet with these leaders. Of course it does! She just has to lay eyes upon them to make them abandon their former hatreds and embrace new loves.

It’s what the perfect Orwellian government would do to its people, controlling their thoughts and making everyone see past themselves towards some ‘greater good’ that only its secret cabal of leaders – a real-life conspiracy theory – could accomplish.

Now that I’ve gone and spoiled at least what I was thinking, let me just say that this was the only way I could think of to justify, to myself and only myself, my failure. You see, I’m Human. I think we all figured that out, but we forget so many of that fact’s infinite implications on a day-to-day basis. Not only am I Human, so you might expect me to fail, but I am Human so I might never myself expect me to fail! Even if I might fail at a dozen other things to prove my own perception wrong, when it comes to the very next thing it’s so easy to forget those lessons and assume I’ll find a way through it.

Well, I’m going to try to be more attentive to my own deadlines and goals.

For those who are curious, Physics Trincarnate will probably take a back seat to what I’ve honestly been craving – NaNoWriMo 2016. I might very well fail at that too! But it’s a much more achievable goal then rushing to pay a big pricetag for cover art in the hopes that I can finish Trincarnate in anything resembling a releasable shape in seven days. It’s just not going to happen.

I’ll probably put out the first chapter for your perusal in the near future, but until then I think I’ll finish the book by, maybe, Christmas?

Until then, I’m looking forward to my next adventure with Lahira Ocean…

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