Jesse Pohlman Writing Update, March 12, 2014!

Hello, friends!

I wanted to send out a general update on how my writing has been faring in the past few weeks.  This isn’t a comprehensive, all-exhausting diatribe, but rather a short little update just to clue everyone in.

First things first, health-wise I am doing better.  I’ve received a pair of botox shots (no joke), one into each of my trapezius muscles, near my neck.  This has reduced the pain of my muscle spasms by a not-insignificant degree, though I imagine I’m going to need further treatment at some point down the line. Click here to read more!

Price reduction on Physics Reincarnate by Jesse Pohlman!

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to make a quick announcement:  Physics Reincarnate, the sequel to Physics Incarnate, has enjoyed a steep price reduction for the kindle version!  Instead of two dollars and ninety-nine cents, it’s now available for $0.99!  The reason for this is pretty simple:  Much of the feedback I’ve received on the original book is that Emmett Eisenberg is indeed an interesting character, but that people wish he’d used his powers more often.  Physics Reincarnate by Jesse Pohlman serves that exact function.  We get to see Emmett, James Lowery, Jethro Marx, and many others put their powers to the ultimate test, against enemies truly capable of great evil – all in the name of the greatest good! Click here to read more!

Dystopian Review: Shadowrun Returns

Hello, all!

Just wanted to post a video embed to the latest episode of Dystopian Review, centered around Shadowrun Returns!  Below that, you’ll find a cut-and-paste of the original Dystopian Review article I wrote for Suite101.  It’s been over a year; I can do that, right?  (Note:  I doubt they’ll care; originally written December 20,2012.)

About Shadowrun, the RPG…

Tomorrow, on December 21st, 2012, the world is going to end; at least according to some interpretations of the Mayan Long Count.  In Shadowrun, currently owned by Catalyst Game Labs, that just means magic and dragons return alongside of cybernetics and mega-corporations!  But can a pen-and-paper roleplaying game reallyqualify as a serious Dystopian art form?  The answer may surprise you! Click here to read more!