Uintah School District, in Utah, takes food from kids.

So, this article from Gawker hit me via Facebook a while ago, a few minutes ago.  I don’t really get it.  Apparently a school in Utah gave kids their lunches, realized their parents were late on paying their nutrition bills, so took the food and threw it out.  First point of fact:  Didn’t the parents lay out the initial seed money via taxes, in the first place?  I’m willing to bet their taxes have gone up at some point, no?  So it’s not like someone hasn’t already paid for all this stuff, at least once or twice through.  But, instead of maybe sending a note home with the kids that their parents had better send them in with cash or they won’t eat tomorrow, they just took perfectly good food from the children and threw it out? Thus leaving them less capable of learning, and wasting perfectly good food at the same time? Click here to read more!

Writing Dice To Help Writers Focus

Writers are addicted to writing, and that isn’t a bad thing. However, as any soap opera will tell you, one way or another, addictions inevitably spiral out of control. I can attest to this. My addiction to the written word is expressed by having far more ideas than I do time to focus on them! Whether it’s a novel series, a video series, article generation, or simply reading (damn you, Reddit) and discussing random nonsense on social networks (damn you, Facebook!) , I have a history of failing to focus on one goal at a time. All too often, I focus on no goals at a time! Intellectual paralysis by way of overwhelming abundance. Click here to read more!